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BEASTER BUNNY 2011 ~ the competition begins…

The competition is on, folks, and you can be the winner! That’s right, it’s time once again for our annual Carrick Beaster Bunny competition.

To enter, simply leave a comment below with your vote for “Best Beaster Bunny 2011”! One lucky voter will be drawn and will receive ABSOLUTELY FREE his or her choice of Carrick Paperback from our site.

After you cast your vote, be sure to visit Alex’s site for his timely Easter story Revenge of the Beaster Bunny.

Meet this year’s artists: Alex “Paw” Carrick, Donna “Mom”, Ted “The Master”, and Tammy “the Terminator”. It’s a Beasterly line-up indeed! But how to choose the winner from such a selection?

We recommend that you use the time-honoured “checklist & point” system.

Below you will find each work displayed in detail. Simply note key points, and remember, with art, there are no wrong answers. Then leave a comment, letting us know which work most “speaks” to you of beastly hopping!

Contest closes Easter Monday at 6pm EST! At that time, we will put each voter’s name into a hat and announce the winner of a Carrick Paperback!




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