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Crafty Friends ~ Spotlight on Gloria Aida

Crafty Friend Gloria Aida

As a girl in The Holy City, Gloria Aida learned to crochet.

Many of you will remember Crafty Friend Gloria Aida from an earlier post. Her main project throughout 2010 was creating a massive collection of hand-made scarves for her favourite charity.

Pieces like this used to decorate most homes.

What you may not know is that my dear friend Gloria Aida is also a talented crochet artist. In fact, last summer I was inspired by her to learn to crochet — an art I’d long admired.

Note the intricate pinwheel stitch!

With Gloria Aida’s help, I was able to acquire a basic skill at the ancient art of crochet.

Layers add dimension to this lovely doilie!

For months now, Gloria Aida has been humoring me by allowing me to photograph some of her lovely crocheted lace pieces. These are works of art she has created over many years — some she uses daily, others she has stored away for her children and future grandchildren.

It is incredible to realise that a few short decades ago our grandmothers used to fill their homes with this intricate lace-fabric art. Through the latter 1900’s, the craft was almost lost to us. Thank goodness, it is now being revived, largely thanks to passionate artists like Gloria Aida!

Vibrant colour creates eye-catching art

I hope these pieces will inspire others to turn their hands to this resurging art form! What a lovely way to spend an afternoon, creating quality pieces that will endure for generations!

I regret I can display only a fragment of Gloria Aida’s collection in this post, but I’m hopeful she will share her work with us again at a future date!

Doilies are a true folk art!

Thank you, Gloria Aida, for both your friendship and for sharing your art with us.

Happy Independence Day to our American neighbors, and a Wonderful Canada Day weekend to our friends here at home…

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