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Knitting for charity ~ Scarves by Gloria Aida

For those of you who’ve heard me talk about our office “knitting group” led by the talented Gloria Aida, you have probably also heard me mention the vast collection of scarves she created in 2010 for an orphanage in Armenia. Hope you will enjoy this video collection as much as Gloria Aida and I enjoyed bringing it to you!
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Crafty Friends ~ Spotlight on Silva

Crafty friend Silva

Knitter extraordinaire Silva returns to Thematic Stitchings with this exceptional shawl by Vogue Knitting Magazine, Spring/Summer 2010. Featuring an advanced level lace stitch and a classic cut, this shawl is designed to flatter the figure.

Garment sculpts to flatter figure

It’s impossible to find a bad angle from which to admire this piece. A simple rectangle, it forms to the shoulders like a jacket, enhancing the curves rather than hiding them. To add even more detail, close the shawl at the front using a classic styled clip or brooch.

Scalloped lace trim surrounds rectangle

As with most vogue patterns, the eye is treated to intricate trim that carries around the rectangle. It shows as a hem here in the back of the shawl.

Lace collar is perfect detail

The upper trim falls naturally to create a lovely collar for the piece. Thanks to Silva’s masterful and consistent tension, the garment maintains a regularity despite the changing lace-stitch.

Intricate tulip-style lace

Notice the enchanting tulip-like lace throughout the body of the fabric. This garment is as lovely to feel as it is to look at. The weight of the yarn makes it fall rather than bunching up, and keeps its allure as it is worn.

Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2010

Thanks to Vogue Knitting for providing this delightful and challenging pattern. And our special thanks to Silva for returning to share another wonderfully crafted garment, fresh from her own magic needles!

If you have questions about this or any other project, feel free to reach me directly through my contact page.

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