Something different: The annual “Beaster Bunny Awards”, Carrick Easter 2010

Beaster Bunny Awards 2010

You be the judge! Leave a comment to cast your vote on the Best Beaster Bunny of Easter 2010! Sadly, the judges (our golden retriever Daisy and Dora the Cat) were split on their vote, so we have to leave it to you to decide on a winner. We had a great time with our annual contest. Hope you enjoy the results!

Contestant #1: Alex Carrick

Alex is a 2-time winner and 6 time nominee in these awards. He has won for most original drawing, as well as for worst rendition of a rabbit. He rocked the Easter Art World with his smash rendition of “Harley Bunny”, the loveable cigar smoking hog-riding rabbit of 2006.

Contestant #2: Donna Carrick

Donna won easily in 2008 for her portraly of “Osama Bin Bunny”, but has been out of the winners’ circle since then.

Contestant #3: Ted Carrick

Ted won hands down in 2009 with his offering of “Arnold Scwartze-bunny”, who promised, “I’ll be ba-a-ack!”

Contestant #4: Tammy-Li Carrick

Tammy won in 2007 for her artistic portrayal of “Good Bunny vs Evil Bunny”.

“The Evil Buggs Bunny” by Tammy-Li Carrick“Columbo Bunny” by Ted Carrick
“Barack OBunny” by Donna Carrick
“Ski” Jumpin Jack Rabbit by Alex Carrick



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20 responses to “Something different: The annual “Beaster Bunny Awards”, Carrick Easter 2010

  1. Sam

    It has to be Alex’s “Ski” Jumping Jack Rabbit for me as we have a skier in the family. I do love Jack Rabbit’s fixed grin – concentrating on his telemark landing no doubt! 😉

    • Yes, Sam, I agree, Alex is an established talent in the Bunny-Art world. It remains to be seen whether newcomers on the scene can overcome his strangle-hold. He taps into the extreme Bunny sports movement.

  2. Wow! You guys are so creative and it looks like you are all amazing at drawing!

    What a fun tradition you have started.

    Your kids are so cute and you have a great family!

  3. I dunno, Alex’s is OK, but I’m really torn between Donna and Ted’s, oh but Tammy-Li’s is really great too, so….
    Let me just say I think it is AWESOME that you guys do this as a family. It is a supremely cool Easter tradition and so, so much fun by the looks of things.
    OK.. enough dithering.. my absolute favourite is Donna’s.
    Nice artwork. Timely theme. Solid colouring.
    Hands down, it’s Mom’s time to shine.
    Happy Easter, you talented Carricks.

  4. I loved watching Columbo so I must vote for Ted’s rendition!

    This is hard because you are quite the talented family and don’t want to choose one over the other.

    BUT. “Columbo Bunny” for the win. 🙂

    Great job Carrick family!

  5. I vote for Tammy-Li’s The Evil Buggs Bunny! What a terrific day.

  6. redhatman

    Have to go for Tammy-Li’s evil buggs bunny because it looks like he has a kilt on.
    Was a difficult decision though.

  7. Well, gee – hard choices. Great job everyone!

    My first choice was Ted’s. I’ve a big fan of Columbo and he captured such a classic pose. But…

    Tammy-Li’s Evil Bunny is groovy – and then I noticed that she spelled “Kwill” with the Fudd accent!! Amazing.

    As a writer, the muse speaks loudly –
    :::Tammy-Li gets my bunny vote:::

  8. Tammy-Li says Thanks to RedHatMan and GroovyMystery for the votes! Polls stay open till midnight, but the early reports are leaning to a T-Li victory!

  9. I must also vote for Teds.. that is cheeky! 😉

  10. LexxClarke

    Ok I’m going for Ted’s Columbo bunny but Tammy-Li’s is awesome too!

  11. Layna

    My goodness, decisions decisions.

    Hmm, I’m really torn. But if I can only pick one, it’ll be Columbo Bunny.

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful display of talent. 😉

  12. Joanne

    Tammy-Li for me!!!!!!

  13. My vote is definitely for Columbo. 🙂

  14. How many times may one vote? I’d like to cast a vote for all of them. I’ll have to admit, though, being from the U.S., that I had to go back a couple of times to check out Barack Obunny. It looked like his basket wasn’t as full as it could have been. Looks like some of the eggs fell out along the way. =) <3<3<3

  15. Gloria Aida

    I LIKE BARACK O BUNNY i think it is cute and funny

  16. My vote is for Ted’s Columbo Bunny – I’ve always had a soft spot for Peter Falk (Peter “Bunny” Falk?)

  17. It was a close one… Love them all, but I think I’ll have to go with the Evil Buggs Bunny. That’s one evil bunny, but I bet he has good chocolate!

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