Crafty Friends ~ Spotlight on Brianna & Tammy-Li

Crafty friend Brianna L., newest member of circle!

At Thematic Stitchings, we’re all about bringing new crafters into the fold! So imagine our excitement when we discover a new young talent to join our circle!

Meet Brianna L., the latest knitter to join our break-time circle! Brianna’s Dad brought her into the office a couple of weeks ago, and she was thrilled to share her love for knitting with us. Brianna’s Mom has been teaching her the 2-needled craft, so she was able to show the ladies what she’d learned.

Tammy is knitting a scarf for me!

Tammy-Li has been watching me knit for years. Finally, this year, she decided to give the needles a try. While I worked on this lovely lilac Easter sweater, Tammy-Li has been getting the hang of the yarn by making me a scarf to match my skating sweater!

Knitting is fun!

Both Brianna and Tammy are at the beginning stages, where crafting requires more patience than skill. However, we hope they will keep it up! So many happy hours can be spent creating beautiful fabrics — I can’t help but smile thinking of them both as grown ladies, remembering how they learned to knit!

Let's find Easter Eggs!

Keep up the good work, girls!

Leave Comment to receive FREE Pattern

About Tammy-Li’s Easter Sweater: Leave a comment to receive instructions absolutely FREE! Since this is my own design, I’ll be happy to send the pattern via email.

Cable & Rib pattern sits nice and flat

Notice how flat and smooth the back of the sweater lies, despite the use of a ribbed stitch!

Tammy-Li models her new Easter sweater!

Tammy-Li was happy to model her new sweater — just in time for the big Easter Egg Hunt!

Happy Easter, everyone, from all of the gang in the Crafty Friends circle at Thematic Stitchings!

If you have questions about this or any other project, feel free to reach me directly through my contact page.
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Best in knitting and living passionately,
Donna Carrick

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