Crafty Friends ~ Spotlight on Eleanor Goolab

Eleanor Goolab, Crafty Friend

This week, I’d like to introduce you to a relative newcomer to our break-time knitting circle, Eleanor Goolab! As you know, one of my missions is to encourage new knitters and crafters to delve into the colourful world of fabric art. With a little patience and some sideline ‘encouragement’ from a few enthusiastic friends, anyone can create something of beauty.

100% Merino Wool from Peru

Eleanor’s 2009 Fall project was an exquisite “neck-warmer” style scarf, using 100% “Copito Medio” Wool from Peru, created by Americo Original. The weight is “Heavy Worsted”, the texture is a loose spun silky style Merino wool, and the colour Eleanor chose is a luxurious moss green.

Eleanor: I started knitting in the Spring of 2009, (with our glorious knitting circle-LOL) then I stopped in summer, and continued in the Fall of 09. No one else in my family knits, but they are very talented in sewing. My grandmother was a professional seamstress. She made wedding dresses, and did all of the bead work by hand.

Simple Double Ribbing, K2,P2

Eleanor used a simple double rib stich to create this elegant scarf: Cast on 84 stitches, for all rows, K2, P2. She used a #10 circular needle to create a soft, loose texture in the fabric. This shows off the silky, organic feel of the wool.

Eleanor: The thing I liked best about this project was the texture of the yarn. It is so soft and luxurious. Also, the colour…

Eleanor’s Tip: Bigger is really better!!! The fatter the yarn, the faster you will finish your project.

Eleanor models her lovely Merino wool neck-warmer

I’d like to thank Eleanor for sharing this beatiful project with us. She was kind enough to model this fabulous scarf — here it is!

If you have questions about this or any other project, feel free to reach me directly through my contact page.

The First Excellence The First Excellence

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Donna Carrick

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