Crafty Friends ~ Spotlight on Silva

Silva models her Turpan Cardigan, designed by Deborah Newton

Because they are great sports and terrific friends, the ladies of my break time knitting circle have graciously allowed me to profile their talents here on my “Thematic Stitchings” site. I hope to bring a wide range of ideas and skill levels for your enjoyment in my never-ending quest to spread the joy of creating throughout the galaxy!

This week, I’m thrilled to present another star of our group, Silva. Silva has been crafting for many years, since the age of 6 at her mother’s side. Although she still enjoys working in some simple patterns, for the most part Silva produces garments at an intermediate or advanced level. If you’ve been knitting for awhile and would like a challenge, you may want to watch for Silva’s items now and in the future.

Silva: My mother taught me to knit when I was around 6. During the war, we didn’t have anything else to do. There was no TV, we couldn’t go out much. We would knit, crochet and we also did canvas work.

The sweater that Silva is seen wearing above is a Turpan Cardigan designed by Deborah Newton for  Silva used a Bernat Satin “Camel” coloured yarn. As always, Silva added her own little changes to the overall pattern, to make it better suit her style.

Silva: In my family, I was the only one who carried on with the crafting skills I learned from our mother. I enjoy knowing I’m bringing this art forward to another generation.

Cable deteail where raglan sleeve joins

Notice how the back of the sweater features a lovely cable where the raglan sleeve joins to the body.  This kind of detail makes it a very interesting piece of work.  Each time you look at this cardigan, you will notice yet another detail.

Silva: Shaping the garment is the most difficult thing. No matter what the pattern says, if you don’t make it fit your body properly, it will not look as good as it should. It usually takes me a few tries to get the neckline and armholes shaped exactly the way I want.

Front yoke and shoulders are perfectly fitted

Notice how the Front Yoke and Shoulder are fitted perfectly to Silva’s size.  This level of crafting will ensure your garment will make you proud.  How often have you thought “my sweaters never come out looking like what the models wear”?  Experienced knitters know that you must ignore the shape of the model’s body (unless you are a model) and focus on making the sweater fit you.

Silva: I enjoy a wide variety of patterns, but for the most part, my favourite are Vogue patterns. I find the size is usually perfect as per the size guide and the instructions are clear and can be followed easily using the stitch legend.

Lovely detail at base of cardigan & sleeves

The pattern at the base of the cardigan and sleeves is an alternating “wheat-bundle” and “diamond”.  This particular detail drew a lot of “oohs-and-ah’s” from our little circle as we watched it grow in Silva’s hands!

 I’d like to thank Silva for allowing me to profile her lovely cardigan on Crafty Friends today.  Please feel free to leave a comment letting Silva know if you enjoyed her work!
If you have questions about this or any other project, feel free to reach me directly through my contact page.

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Best in knitting and living passionately,
Donna Carrick


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2 responses to “Crafty Friends ~ Spotlight on Silva

  1. Donna, this is a beautiful piece of knitting. I love the detail at the joining of the raglan to the body. Mine never looks that great. Superb job, Silva.

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