Crafty Friends ~ Spotlight on Gloria Aida

Crafty Friend Gloria Aida

Years ago I learned that anything I do is more fun when I share it with friends.

This week I’d like to turn the “Crafty Friends” spotlight on Gloria Aida, a friend, fellow crafter and often a teacher in our lunch-time knitting circle.

For years I’ve been fascinated watching Gloria produce scarf after  scarf, in a brilliant array of colours and styles.  I knew some were for her family, but seeing so many scarves fly off her needles, I became curious and had to ask…

Gloria: I started knitting when I was 8. First I learned a simple stitch: K1P1. I knitted different colours of headbands and belts.

Years ago, I knitted sweaters, cardigans, vests, jackets…then I stopped knitting when I started a full-time job. 


A pair of plush, stylish scarves in "fun-yarn"

2 years ago, I knitted 21 scarves in different colours and patterns for my friends and relatives for Christmas.  Now I realize that knitting for charities is more rewarding.

Green "basket-weave" scarf with 'loop-stitch' at both ends

During the past 2 years, our circle has watched Gloria knit countless scarves for her favourite charity overseas. This green scarf is done in a basket-weave, with the added detail of “loop-stitching” at both ends.

"Hairy" fun-yarn and simple knit stitch

Gloria: My advice to first time knitters is to start with a scarf and use a simple knit stitch. When you begin a row, be sure to finish it before you stop. Once you get comfortable, try K1 P1. If the pattern calls for 2 rows, complete 2 rows before stopping.

3 complete and 1 "under construction"

Here are 4 recent scarves created by Gloria. On the left is a white “Astrakan stitch”, which is soft and elegant. In centre, a blue “Diamond stitch”, and on the right is a white “Star stitch”. Under construction is a simple “Knit stitch” using a sparkly blue fun yarn. These yarns can be purchased for a very low price at your favourite thrift shop.


Gloria: One thing I have to say is I do give all the credit of learning to knit to my mom. In winter, I would sit behind closed window and through the glass I would watch people passing by, and listen to the rain drops falling while I am knitting. Now I follow in my mother’s footsteps — “knit and give”.

Blue Diamond Stitch


Gloria models her favourite black&white 'fun-yarn'

Here Gloria was kind enough to model one of her favourite “daily-wear” sets, a black and white hat and scarf created in a simple knit stitch using an inexpensive fun yarn that can be bought almost anywhere. Warm enough for January in Canada, and stylish as well!

Thank you for joining us, Gloria. It’s great to see what can be created using your imagination and a pair of reliable needles! 

  If you have questions about this or any other project, feel free to reach me directly through my contact page.

 The First Excellence The First Excellence

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Best in knitting and living passionately,
Donna Carrick

A pair of plush, colourful scarves in stylish "fun-yarn"



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5 responses to “Crafty Friends ~ Spotlight on Gloria Aida

  1. Ezzy Languzzi

    These are beautiful scarves. I particularly like the “basket-weave.” These patterns look super-complicated. Were they?

    • According to Gloria, these patterns were quite easy. The basket weave ‘loop’ stitch was a little harder. But the others were not difficult. I’ll search the pattern links and tweet them to you.

  2. Gloria

    I love the website you created Donna, you are so creative. Well done
    Gloria Aida

    Well done , this great Aida ,

    I always knew there is something special about you good to see your talent is being used to help charities .

    I’m proud of you my friend .


    we enjoyed reading and watching your creativity..We never knew we’re talking to a celebrity. Keep it going..

    We[Nadia and asma]

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