Just Knittin’ Mittens


Hello, world! Welcome to my first post using WordPress.com. Most of you know me as a mystery writer and supporter of all things literary, but what you may not know about Yours truly is that I am a…you guessed it… closet knitter!

This does not, in fact, mean that I like to knit closets.  No, it simply means that for more years than I care to admit I’ve been a practitioner of the “colourful crafting” arts — knitting, sewing, crocheting… you get the idea.  If it involves fabric, colour and a needle or two, you can usually count me in!

Today I step out of the closet (mainly because it’s so full of leftover yarn that there’s no more room for me!) and present myself to the universe as an honest-to-God one-of-a-kind compulsive crafter.

For my debut post, I thought it would be fittin’ to offer a pair of mittens — in fact, my very first attempt at the four-needled creation.

So here, just in time for this seemingly endless January deep-freeze of 2010, I present to you: (drum roll please…) DONNA’S MITTENS !
Donna's Mittens -- Going for warmth

Donna's Mittens -- Going for warmth

Now what could offer a greater sense of warmth and coddling with a truly Northern flair than a pair of rough-hewn, multi-cloured extra-heavy mittens? 

And such a clever use of that leftover yarn.  I originally designed and knitted the matching sweater (shown in the blog header above) in a split-palm-leaf stitch using a Marble Chunky acrylic by James C. Brett and loved the way the wintery earth tones traveled in such a lovely zig-zag motion.  However, the extra large 200g balls meant there was far too much yarn leftover.

Two hats, a sweater, a pair of mittens… still there is plenty of yarn left for a warm skating scarf!  Our 7-year-old daughter, Tammy-Li, is just now learning to knit.  I expect she’ll have Mommy’s new scarf done by around, say, 2012 — HAH!

The First Excellence

The First Excellence

For all of you out there who love to read, please follow my writer account on Twitter @Donna_Carrick .

However, if you’re more interested in following this crafty bird through the labyrinth of fabric and yarn that we call a life, you can always join me on my Just Knittin’ Twitter site under @DCarrickCrafts .

Either way, I’d love to meet you on FaceBook, so be sure to look me up!

Best in knitting and living passionately,
Donna Carrick


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18 responses to “Just Knittin’ Mittens

  1. Sandra

    Hi, Donna… the funny thing is, we just met, but knitting was the first thing I knew about you, when I spied your yarn and needles in the elevator that day. It was only after telling you about “The Friday Knitting Club” that we moved on to writing…. I am happy to learn more about knitting from you, too, so I’ll be back to read your new blog as often as I can.

  2. Donna, Very pretty! Love the colors. Love the humor too. 😉

  3. Thank you, Dawn & Sandra. So glad you found my new site! Donna

  4. My mother-in-law knits and I’d like for her to teach me. She does beautiful things. I’m new to WordPress also and so far, I love it. Thanks for sharing, Donna.

  5. I love it! I am still waiting on the mail man to bring me your book!! I am frustrated with his lack of urgency. Clearly he has no idea that I have no patience.
    Love your new site and I can not wait to read your book!


  6. Donna,

    How is it that you have so many talents? You must have been at the front of the line. I’ve tried knitting–a scarf–knit two, pearl two. You’d think that would be easy, right? No. After two months of working on it, it was only two feet long. I wrapped it up, complete with needles still attached, and gave it to my mother for Christmas. The poor woman will have to finish it.

    I envy you.

  7. Thanks, everyone, for the burst of support. I was very nervous about breaking out of my “writer” box and trying out something new. You’ve really made today a lot of fun for me as I inaugerated the new site. Deb, only a few more months… Lori, I wish I could have delivered the book myself. Harley, I hope your mother-in-law will teach you and Melanie, if you ever feel the urge again, don’t hesitate! Like everything, it just takes practice.
    Best in writing AND crafting,

  8. Patty Sherry

    Hi Donna,
    I am NOT crafty at all, but I very much appreciate people who are. Love the mittens, and the look of your WordPress site!


  9. gutsywriter

    Just found your blog via Twitter. I am a writer as well, but enjoy painting tropical islands and primitive style acrylic paintings. I always feel guilty painting instead of writing though. Perhaps we can link together via FaceBook. Love the colors of the mittens and sweater.

    • Alex and I so admire painters — don’t ever feel guilty about your love for colours. When we visit the art galleries, I come home so inspired to write. They are all so brave, painting away without reward in many cases, just for the joy of creating. Please do find me on FB — I’m under Donna Carrick .

  10. yearzerowriters

    Wow, another knitter. Do you know the lovely @niftyknits and @veryawkward ? I look forward to following your woolly exploits 🙂

  11. Great looking site, Donna! My mom taught me how to knit by making tube dresses for my Barbie dolls. Sadly, none of them even fit. Horrific things 🙂

  12. Thanks, Jemi and Dan! It’s just one of those things — I couldn’t beat it, so I decided to embrace it publicly – ha ha. I guess my books are sometimes hard crime fiction, so the “wooly exploits” allow me to delve into a softer side of life.

    It’s all about the passion, whatever it may be!
    Best, Donna

  13. Your energy and enthusiasm amaze me, Donna.

    • Vicki, I consider this high praise coming from you. I’m inspired every day by your drive and commitment! Best in writing — Looking forward to reading “Winter Of Secrets”!

  14. Alright, M’Love, now you must start a podcast and send out your clarinet music. (I love the mittens!) ❤ ❤ ❤

  15. Thanks, Jewell! Glad you like the mitts and hope you’ll like the matching sweater coming up next. But I hope you’ll understand when I opt to spare the world from my less than crystaline clarinet playing. 😉

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